Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 Jan 2010

i'm so tired its not funny doing nothing seem to be the right thing.
but Dr. House said, it is wrong to not do anything.
went for a swim after work, like finally, after wanting to go for so long but didnt;
just because i dont have shower cap; whereby chlorinated pool water will spoil my hair.
but i got back late from work today just wanting to swim;
and asked my sis law simply "do u have a shower cap?"
she said "yes" then handed me a box of hotel shower cap.
i looked at her at blink. she looked back and blink.
she was quick,"what is it that you were asking for again?"
then i realised i asked for shower cap.
so i asked again if she had a swimming cap she said YES
which was so awesome and then i went swimming!

i'm so tired. i need to memorize the map of europe.
i need to know airline schedules by heart.
why? so that i can fill many many blanks.

i'm so tired.


ray said...

why nobody else comment on ur blog ho.. so kesian like that..

Simon said...

it doesn't rhyme...