Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 January 2010

hey today is 20.01.2010
what a cool date i just realized! zzzzz.

how are you? been quite a while. hows your resolution going?
i did cross trainers. 2km in 16 min. while watching american idol, wipe out and glee. omg all three are so so so funny. but i've been procastinating. did no swimming, no fitness ball, no weights. and no books, no textbooks. such a loser. i should revise those plans. too ambitious. but i did manage to walk out of Watsons today with less than 5 items! only 2 Eclipse mints and an eye brow pencil that i REALLY NEED cause i misplace my very only one. that, is a good justification. well done. and i've been religiously using all the products that i hoarded - hair mask, lotions upon lotions, etc. gotta work on the lippies though. use use use!

i am also still jet lagged. which is unbelievable; not because i'm strong but because its been so long! i arrived friday so i should be fine but i'm not!!! i'm stoned tired by 3 or 4pm and when i get home i cant help it but nap and wake up around 12 or 1am then sleep again at 4am then to work. sucks! worst jet leg ever.

Btw London was great. meeting up with Delene & Nat was fantastic - altho short but great nevertheless. i went straight to Reading from Heathrow - snow everywhere and so pretty! London was cold too; snowed only a day which was beautiful too but rained the next - COLD! i actually missed home a lot while i was there; thought the coffee there suck big time! and was craving for MSG!!! delicious food u got there but i need the 'masin' taste yoh!

view from London office - pretty! i couldn't stop staring out the window.

some ducks and a swan - saw them while walking around Reading.

Reading again.

did manage to squeeze some shopping; nothing spectacular just toiletries (againnnn). this is totally justifiable (haha) cause they're all products not found here in KL (i hopeee soooo) and reasonable ba. pictures!

so excited to see these - Simple Makeup remover in 50 ml! so happy! just nice for travelling. below is the one we have on our shores - 125ml. go travel size!

shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda. yeahhhh since imma brunette now hah! 50 ml trial size.
some hair products - for ma curls yoh!

got this in the plane, its so tiny and cute! smells great too. just 15 ml very travel friendly!

thats all for now. lots of love!

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rayliar said...

ya.. lots of love, :) see i m still checkin u out always.