Saturday, October 10, 2009

Show off - Hauls!

Loads of ocipala stuff! No Coach; yes i repeat i didnt buy ANY COACH at all or any bags for that matter! kinda sad but i have a particular thinking; i'm not against China or Vietnam or Cambodia or anywhere that usually produces retail stuff...but i'm not that willing towards "purchase in USA; made in China". i know its my mental; but i can't help it. i'm not very against this; i did buy a BCBG jacket which was made in Vietnam while in states...but u get what i mean? if its made in Italy, sold in Italy, purchased in Italy...then different story =)))

anyway when my trip was finalised i immediately started some online shopping cause shipping within the US was definitely cheaper and for some cases free; when purchases are over certain amount. Details according to purchase chronology.

firstly, coastal scents! rave after rave and all i could admire was the ones i see on you tube...i have a set now!

a set of 88 piece (matte eyeshadows) + 78 piece (for my sister) + 2 sets of brush guard: foundation pack and blush pack + foundation concealer brush + silver duo stippling brush

=$61.74 (free shipping for purchases above $50)

Each eye shadow is about the size of 5cents.

So tempted to get the 88 Warm palette & 88 Shimmer but I have a lot of these in quads and all. So getting the 88 matte was really ENOUGH.

Brushes are huge – sturdy and long. Sadly though, the stippling brush shed like mad even before washing. I think…I’m never gonna use it. The foundation brush is really soft, large – covers a huge area of your face. Application wise is a so-so, not too impressed. =(

Got both the blush pack and foundation pack – variety pack was out of stock at point of purchase.
I don’t think smaller eye brushes need that much of guarding tho…only the bigger ones more crucial. This too I wasn’t that impressed; expected it to be on the softer side but its quite hard and has sharp, rough edges. I still use them nevertheless; extra gently to keep the brushes in shape after washing.

For comparison sake, this is Coastal Scents stippling brush next to Sigma SS187. Can’t say much; haven’t use either! With prejudice…I’d go for Sigma.

Second, Egyptian Magic Cream. Very dodgy; first time I heard it I was like ??? but due to reviews I knew I just had to try out of curiosity. Very bravely purchased big bottle straight and they gave 2 little samples (I didn’t take pics of the sample!). I HAVE NO REGRETS on EMC!!! Within the first week it lighten up my pimple scars; soften my skin…amazing stuff. It is oily, Vaseline like, but good stuff!

Thirdly, lots and lots of NYX products from! No explanation
needed. Very happy with all the lippies including them jumbo lip pencils!

And then right, from this point onwards just see pictures and occasional captions…SIGNS OF A VERY LAZY GIRL WITH SHORT ATTENTION AND FOCUS SPAN…

Stuff from Sonia Kashuk

Sweet nothings indeed and immediately picked it up coz it has eye shadow base.

Reusable packaging!

Infamous Synthetic flat blusher brush – very very dense.

Eco-tools: a must purchase! Its soooo expensive in Msia.

Reusable packaging!

Ehem. Some art work lah.This is an amazing Travel Kabuki Brush. Very very happy.

Absolutely love these swabs. So convenient!

Best cleanser I’ve ever tried. Two thumbs up! No tight feeling; washes off every trace of make-up;
good stuff!

Very happy to get this at an amazing price - $9 each + free lip balm but sadly it made my hair dry and irritates my scalp. So sad. Was looking forward to using organic shampoo so much!

Its so cheap!!! Like $1.50!!! How much is it here?!

Normal stuff I couldn’t resist…and yeah we dont have Shocking Pigments on our shores yet!

Seriously; the brush IS professional!

Stuffs we don’t have here, YET.

Bronzer and Blusher

Nice sheen, but oily. Hmmm. Can use as highlighter?

Almost mandatory to stock up on Clinique in states; so much cheaper. I’m not an ‘active’ user but always willing to try. Donno how to rotate the first pic hehe.

That’s all! Not too bad after listing them all down. But I’m sad that I didn’t manage to get hold of any ELF products. I was so sure, I would spend like $100 there. And get 100 stuffs!!! That didn’t happen.

Thanks for putting up; quite a messy post. Have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, my sour mood turn to happy mood after reading this particular post. Haha. So happy looking at one's hauls! And knowing we almost have few things in common.

I agree abt the purchasing stuff in USA but made in China. However, I assure myself that USA just want to cut off budget and get their products done in China because China ppl are hardworking compare to USA ppl. :p

I have that 88palettes but got it from a blogshop in kl. I wonder if there's any difference between the real ones purchased from Coastal Scents and blogshops. They claim the palettes are manufactured from same factory. Tempted to get the 88 warm palette but might not. Maybe. Heck, i rarely even use my 88eyeshadow palette!

Looking at the picture of the stippling brush, i think i'd go for sigma. Coastal scent stippling brush has a weird shape.

Burt bees are quite pricey in Perth. That's why can't be bothered to buy any.

Other than that, I love your hauls!