Sunday, October 11, 2009

Purchases of the week

Haha. what a way to begin a post; with vain paparazzi shot. but the point i'm trying to make here is about my hair!!! long almost reaching my waist. ahhhhh long long hair. that does come with a huge sacrifice - maintaining it long and sleek and shiny and soft etc etc. I don't spend big bucks on my hair - once a year for rebond or smthg otherwise nope. not willing. i'm a cheap-O!

Purchase 1: This week i went on to buy some hair stuff from Cosway - yes, i am an auntie at heart. i really am to four beautiful nieces and nephews but even prior to that; i am still and always will be an auntie at heart.
I have no comments on the conditioner; just normal, nothing to shout about. but their leave-on moisturiser...mix feeling. smells amazing, leaves my hair amazing, manageable, soft, but a little on the oily side. its still ok so far...but if only less...oily. they have another product below Hairtec Intensive Serum i've been using last couple of months - its very oily, smells oily, but leaves my hair so so soft and soft. i use this when my hair is really dry. just too bad its oily and err smelly!

There is one hair product that i ABSOLUTELY love and it works MAD! smells great, works so well but with one downfall: i hate the packaging. and it retails at mere RM2.30 (price only available in Servay Miri hehe) to about RM3. i use about a bottle for every one a half week. this is good cheap stuff that reli works! Dove intensive damage therapy. i've tried all the other colours...nothing beats this.

Purchase 2: i have pimples. and scars. and concealers i need. got this, believing in its double duty to heal the pimple, cover the pimple, cover the scar and hopefully heal the scar. thats quad duty. just hope it works!

Purchase 3: i love travel size items. both for travel purpose and trial purpose. more of trial sizes please!!! smells great and so far works great too; doesn't irritate my scalp. i'll get the full size when my current shampoo is done.

i dont know why but i'm in the mood to write about stuffs. hehe. its fun!
thanks for putting up.
Blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

You're so blessed with natural straight hair.. but yeah maintaining is such a pain in the ass. Im at the the verge tempted to cut my hair to bob style. But no, im still sane enough to think. lol. Anyway, im using this Schwarzkopf hair treatment oil nutritive repair butter kur. What a mouthful. I've tried so many things but this one gives the result i want. Soft, manageable and leaves sweet scent, very mango-ish.

The bodyshop tea tree concealer looks so conceals and heal at the same time. Should get one..aii spend lagi.