Sunday, April 12, 2009

April hoo-haasss

Hello =)
If there is anyone left reading this long forgotten blog even by her own owner.
Anyways pardon me; going online for the past couple of months was primarily for research (yeah, research!) and random touch&go checks on FB. how i miss the 24/7 online life! and i wish i cud still write often. i have been really busy, like really busy. flying in and out to penang, spore & miri every 2 weeks or so and to sabah soon. have yet to return to kajang to collect leftover stuff and books and hang out with uni peeps...first week of may kays? april weekends are all booked!

so updates? hmmm. i still think Robert Pattinson & Hugh Jackman is super hot. and Angie Harmon, Kate Beckinsale & Jordana Brewster are unmistakable beauties.

reading list includes
1. The Last Empress (sequel to Empress Orchid) by Anchee Min.
- first book was excellent; kinda long overdue to only get the sequel now, but oh well gonna read it now la

2. Teacher Man by Frank McCourt
- Angela's Ashes & 'tis are 2 of my favs - hope this will be in the list too. he writes really well!

3. Freakonomics...
- i know...pretty old stuff...but i'm only more economically minded its now =)

4. The under cover economist - Tim Harford
- same reason as above. mission to uncover the 'other' side of the world: business!

5. Emma - Jane Austen
- a classic...for the love of literature =)

Vertical Horizon's album Go
Coldplay's Viva la vida

Skin Food's Aloe Vera BB cream - pretty amazing stuff. not oily, good coverage. good for me.

saving for?
a chanel 2.55! haha i wish!

how are you? love & regards. please make me go running today.


Phoebe said...

hahah, i still read your blog :). hope you're doing well! ooh, i'm reading freakonomics and the undercover economist now! and tim harford's other book, the logic of life is on my reading list too!

Phoebe said...
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aileenagan said...

hey phoebe! haha we somehow always have same reading list huh!!!
wait got some more books to update!