Friday, January 30, 2009

long overdue stories

sorry guys...i have lots of stories to tell...some of which are so stale already but i've been both too busy and lazy to write. thanks to new lifestyle! haha. not like a student anymore kay, online 24/7? bigger respondsibilities! anyway this has nothing to do with u regardless of ur status now but really, BLOG AS MUCH AS YOU WANT BEFORE YOU START WORK! still it depends on the nature of your job too...but the kesimpulan is write kau-kau when u still can afford to!
this is going a very late new year resolution to make haha! but i still have to tell...
1. must learn to remember NAMES - yes, names names and more names! can't afford to go around greeting people with just a 'hello'...some more they remember your name and you cant remember theirs. not nice...
2. to not spend unnecessarily...this i gotta really learn quick and fast. QUICK AND FAST.
3. to eat well and proper, simpler, unprocessed food more than 80% of daily meals.
4. to keep in touch with long lost friends
learning is a lifelong process; don't and never give up on trying; know that the knowledge you have is never enough and there is more to find out!
God bless everyone!

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