Friday, December 12, 2008

twilight madness

okay, i hate to admit that i caught the twilight craze too. as harry potter was, well, for kids; so to say though JK.Rowling's writing is exceptionally brilliant for readers of any age- twilight series was then for teens. and so i'm caught in this teen craze thing. great. thanks for growing up aileen. i am sappy for one, and Stephenie Meyer ooze out so much emotion out of every page. that caught me. and for justification, i actually really caught the craze after reading the first book which i did after watching the movie. i loved the movie, for the passion and emotion and simpleness of the set involved. and yes, Robert Pattinson is adorable. well after the book, it gets worse. Robert Pattinson can...look perfect in your eyes (and mind) because he's almost all that you can imagine in a perfect guy despite being a vampire and you already have the image of RP. the movie was a little over rated; but i know that girls actually fall in love with the character of Edward Cullen; and hence then Robert Pattinson. i was curious to know what happen cause their relationship intrigued me a lot so i decided to start reading the series. am at the third book and i have to say it does get better. the storyline.

anyways, am not being that productive this holiday. had a movie a day for the past three days - my best friend's girl, transporter 3 and tropic thunder - while hanging out with high school friends and then getting supper in the wee hours of the morning and then coming home to pig out till late afternoon. ahh...what a life. what happened to tutoring my niece and nephew? lazy auntie.

i did get some things sorted out though. like sending a pants i bought for work to the tailor to get about 2 inches off the hem. too long. and getting some bangs- i absolutely love my bangs- i think i look cute. please spare me some vanity. and also finally completing a necklace of jade-green beads. i brought it all the way to KL with the hope of completing it there and konon-nya it was something for me to do in the free time and i was hoping it will end up as a hobby - then bringing it all the way back here again, about time to complete it. got the inspiration from Megan Fox's look... ( she adorns herself with a lot of green; and i think they go well with black.

thats all for now though; till something happening happens.

i am still grateful though.

Psalm 118:24
This is the day that the Lord has made; let us be glad and rejoice in it

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