Tuesday, November 4, 2008

onion remedy

last saturday morning woke up with right eyelids swollen. as stated in previous posts i think its bitten by some insect cause i can see a small white dot, presumably the spot where the biting took place.

and then last nite prepared sambal. chopping red onions. big ones. major tears downpour. it hurt so much but its the nice type of pain. pain but nice pain u know? (the other nice pain is massaging bruise. pain but nice pain!)

so the swelling actually reduced to about half. sorry no other pictures to compare.but yeah it did. just imagine that the swelling was more than the one in the picture la.

so the tears helped i guess.

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adris-leaSJ said...


give me a fiercer eyes!

not these eyes... too sleepy, no energy...

do u wanna b on top or not!?