Sunday, November 2, 2008

on and on on the beat goes...

and so i go to bed at 12. or maybe slightly earlier. and the most frustrating thing is i'll wake up again!!! at 3 in the morning!!! its FRUSTRATING (maybe i'm suppose to wake up to pray? hmm.) i cant go back to sleep after that...till like 9am then i'll almost be sleeping the whole afternoon. thats how bad this sleeping disorder is! it is frustrating!!! i tried jogging in the morning only to come back and shower and then sleep. tried drinking milk. nope. doesn't work. was thinking that working at night might help but no...still the same.

so at times like this what do i do?

ironing, wash dishes, laundry, boil water, download songs & read everything on and or read a book. or paint nails.and facebook browsing.and read blogs.

i'm almost useless.

anyway got this card and gift coupons from Jusco with a personality bookmark of November babies which says that they are...

have great ideas
always cautious
sharp thinker
brave & charitable
even tempered

all sounds so good. hopefully its all true too!

i think i got bitten by an insect. on my right eyelids! so its swollen now.

Professional makeup artist Jillian Dempsey aka Mrs Patrick Dempsey of Greys Anatomy,has announced a collaboration with Avon. they had Cynthia Rowley previously but i didnt get to try any of that collection. lets see how good is the mascara & eyeshadow from Jillian Dempsey-Avon collection.

Madonna may not be the one celebrity that amazes me personality wise that is but i'd give thumbs up for her music. definitely. current fav from her new album is the beat goes on. go listen!

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lynnx01 said...

My sis has the Cynthia Rowley collection. They are so eye-catching, but I am not sure about the product quality.