Saturday, October 18, 2008

cute things kids ask

19 - 15 = 4
9 - 5 = 4

a girl had that question in her homework and then she came up to me and asked:

why is both the answer 4? how can that be?

blank. wanna laugh. blank.

how to answer?

knew exactly what she meant.

one has big numbers. the other has small numbers.

hmm. so i asked:

how much is 6-4?


okay, then how much is 4-2?


its the same like that...

ooh. then she walks away.

did she actually get what i mean? did you?

should have given bigger contrast hoh.

kids. so cute.

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Dree said...

Hi Aileen =) Jz dropping by your blog. Tot I'll leave a comment. Haha....I hope that kid will get wht you are trying to teach her or else she'll have a hard time with her teachers at school