Sunday, September 7, 2008

content yang lebih real

thanks to adris this is a reply to your question. content yang lebih real...ish tunggu la! orang zibuk tau...berkemas kemas berpindah randah dan berkemas lagi. mana ada masa...bila ada inspirasi nanti la ok. anyway thanks...i know someone who has NBTD and will actually read this blog hehe thanks adris!!! niece Anarose Rebad turned one last friday!!! blessed birthday dear! Rebad is her kelabit name and it actually means beautiful. owh she really is beautiful!

2ndly...i've officially been a bum for 3 months! and its...not fun at all!!! i appreciate the rest yes and the amazing time i have with reading...then again at times i feel useless?

and yes with the original intention of having this blog as my tell-tell board (everyone does, in a way eh?) after a long dilemma of WORKING or STUDYING i have decided to continue postgrad. well its a long story actually...

all this while i have always wanted to pursue post grad. no questions. never bothered about resume and all that cause i knew i WILL be continuing. then suddenly...after my final semester...i thought hey... work could be fun too! (shhhsshh....listen listen...) i didnt mind the thought of actually working first and decide abt studying later...i have a lot of people coming to me telling of how important getting an experience is first...but i think my field is different eh? so...went thru the resume process and jobstreet and screening newspaper for jobs and all that...and in the end decided to study. haha. sounds like an easy way out yeah? notty girl. but i am excited to be a student again. applying for Msc. in Nutrition. woohooo!

i was putting up in PJ section 14 for the whole month of august and i'm back in kajang now. good place and good housemates...God is awesome!

i am looking forward to what i'll be doing for the next...4 months before the application is confirmed. i'll let u know =)

and of the week

turn your eyes upon Jesus
look full in His wonderful face
and the things of this world
will grow strangely dim
in the light of His glory and grace

keep your eyes upon Jesus
let nobody else take His place
so that hour by hour
you may know His power
till at last you have run the great race

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart
Proverbs 37:4

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adris-leaSJ said...

and ayat ke-7...

berdiam dirilah di hadapan Dia dan nantikanlah Dia...