Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beach calling!

I am so excited just to head out to Tioman next week. Such a needed break from the city life. It is sad that there are only shopping malls to hang out at in KL :(

Found these string bikinis at Forever 21 at such an amazingggg price - RM19 for top or bottom which makes it only RM38 per set! How cool is thattttt?

They come in a wide range of colours including what's hot right now, neons! I picked a deep baby blue, bright pink and dark green. Material is thick, comes with padding and everything a normal string bikini is. For the price, colour choices & quality - this is def a steal. Normally its not easy to get me to purchase swimwear mind you...too expensive IMHO - just for that little piece of cloth... :p

So go check 'em out! This is definitely not a sponsored post - pic quality will tell :)

xx have a blessed day!

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