Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small surprise in the mail today

It was a surprise because I totally forgot about it but I did fill up a free sample request on Esmeria Organic's website(www.esmeria.com) two weeks ago.

I requested for Prickly Pear, the range for normal to combination skin. The facial trial set came with 3ml worth of the Balancing Cleansing Gel and Moisturiser. No toner :(

Don't think 3ml is enough to give a proper verdict - only can tell the physical part of it ie texture, smell, first impression...

Oh, and the trial set came with a RM5 off voucher - but valid only till 31Dec2011! And I just received it today :( Am not in a hurry anyways to start using their skincare although I am currently using the toner from the oily and acne prone skin range, Alpine Willowherb. I've just started so I can't give a definite review yet.

Sukin has got me on the organic band wagon and Esmeria Organics made me curious as its homegrown. Excited!

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