Friday, December 2, 2011

Retail therapy...


So I came home with the new BBMousse from Maybelline (RM48) and got the Long Extreme Stiletto mascara 50% off (RM16 ish) with any purchase from Maybelline. These were all purchased in Guardian.

Some quick notes on the BBMousse:
  • First impression was what, only one colour? 
  • But the colour seem fine when swatched at the back of my hand albeit on the lighter side
  • Feels quite thick; it didnt blend or sink in immediately at the back of my hand. looking forward to what sort of coverage it gives
  • It is made in Japan. a list of the ingredients in English is pasted over the plastic package - when i removed the plastic package the whole thing came off too. so the whole bottle now is kinda Japanese all over.
  • has this ball thing inside - can hear it when u shake the bottle. very similar to those spray paints!
  • has SPF30 PA+++
  • 65g

Also purchased some eyebrow trimmer (3 for RM10.32) and fringe stabiliser (RM3.12). Those tape that will keep your fringe aside thing? Yeah. i have it on right now. feel like getting one for all the girls in the house!

By the way, Carefree panty liners (my absolute favorites!) at 100pcs are on promo for RM9.88 at Watsons. Good time to stock up.

Sigh. Not cheap lah always like this. :(

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