Monday, May 2, 2011

How important is SPF in your daily routine?

To answer my own question - i think SPF on a daily basis is a must. I wouldn't say i practice the best routine but whenever i consciously can i would apply SPF before leaving the house. With that said, i try to have SPF in most of the products i use especially makeups - as little as SPF 15 and above. i like to know i'm always protected.

Honestly, it was only recently that i started to use a separate SPF under makeups in the morning. Otherwise i would only depend on whatever SPF the foundation has. As some may be aware i purchased and started using Clinique Derma White City Block SPF40+++ sometime mid March. Sadly this foundation broke me out and i 'think' further caused skin tags. not a good thing! There is probably just no chemistry between Clinique and I =(

As Clinique Derma White City Block SPF40+++ wasn't satisfying, the search for a good SPF went on and i stumbled upon ZA's Power Block UV Sunscreen and True White Instant Brightener (Truth is, they were cheap at less than RM30 each - why not?). Power Block can be used for both face and body hence a rather thick consistency so i'm still hesitant to apply it on my face - dont want any pores to get clogged! But this is what i apply on my arms and neck instead. So far its been okay; not oily and absorbs rather fast. it does leave a white residue initially too but no biggie. True White Instant Brightener on the other hand is very light BUT has shimmers in it not too favourable for my everyday use. i think its ok but psychologically i need something clear - not shimmers! They are both SPF 40+++ PA, at less than RM30 each - very good deal indeed.

As the search goes on, i decided to give some high end brands a try. Firstly, drugstore moisturiser with SPF that i'm sort of confident in is only Loreal - but Loreal is always oily on my skin - even if its stated for oily skin. Olay is no better either. Too oily for my skin.So, i mentally listed these in my head; and depending on which i would stumble across first, that will be my pick:

Dior Snow BB Creme White reveal UV protection SPF 50 - PA+++ Source
Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Source

Lancome UV Expert GN Shield Source 
Two weekends ago, Lancome was having their thing in Midvalley. Initially, i was most skeptical about Lancome because their ingredients may/may not differ much from Loreal - they are under the same group. Thats my opinion only and of course, not necessarily true. I decided to try this:
I told the Beauty Advisor that i am very skeptical about buying a big pack without trying a sample first because it may not fit my oily skin. She was smart enough to lock my credit by asking me to purchase this first and give me a sample to try and return the full unopened package with receipt to purchase something else should i find it unsuitable. Very good marketing. As a customer, i'm ever so happy to work with samples first! They also had some skin analysis going (i have dehydrated skin and large dilated pores - second person to tell me my skin is thirsty!) and some games to play - and i got home with a few samples that i'm very happy with!
I got another extra UV Expert sample from playing the game =) Thats 10ml each and mind you, 30ml costs RM165. Those two samples are equivalent to RM100! I'm blessed!

BA told me this is high in Vit C so do no rub off the excess but use the toner to further rub onto the skin for it to penetrate into the skin.
 UV Expert (For the long name, lets just call it UV Expert for now) is rather thick but fast absorption. it does have that oily feeling, feels ok under foundation and thank God - no breakouts! Btw, there was no sample for BB Base which is slightly tinted. Well i'm just happy there are samples to try. So far i really like it. Then again, I'm itching to try other brands too!

Some other trial sizes i have - Clarins broke me out too while Avene was way too gentle!

Put on your SPFs please! xx

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