Saturday, February 19, 2011

Delights: 19 Feb 2011

Found this on promo in Watsons at RM78!!! Its the price for 2 bottles of 150ml and you get two bottles of 50ml for free!

Avene, followed by Dalacin-T on blemishes and lastly Simple Moisturiser.

 Also bought what i thought is a smudge brush - but its actually a nose shaper brush. Hmm.
Works better as a smudger for me but its pricky! =(

Dry eyes no more - its RM5.50 only...cheapest lens drops =)
This is really delicious!!! the soup has similar rich taste as if freshly boiled!
Favourite smoothie: banana + milk and/or yogurt!
What's your favourite smoothie? xx.

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