Saturday, January 2, 2010

THE PLAN: 2010

cliche. but i'm gonna make a plan anyway. and its tagged with key performance index (KPI)! gonna be divided into four aspects: physical, mental, financial and spiritual.

Honestly its not the weight i'm worried but the places where the fat is accumulating. so this year besides running i wanna take up weights seriously. its also gonna be a little different this first quarter cause i'll be doing Mount K in April! And i'd love to start Zumba and get back to swimming.


1. Schedule

Mon, Wed & Fri - 30min on trainers + 10min weights + 10min fitness ball
Tues & Thurs - 30min stairs + 10min weights + 10min fitness ball
Sun - Swimming!!!

2. Intensity & endurance
History would be 4km in 20 min. Will start of with 2km in 30 min then move on from there alternating between distance and duration.

By end of January, must be able to do more than 5km in 30min. very decent...


on last count, i have more than 50 books untouched. wanna do more varied readings, more writings, hope to write more on topics/issues and not only hauls lah. I do want to acquire better skills in M.Excel & Power Point too! And to have proper, regular readings of human physiology, nutrition & food science.


1. Have a book/magazine with me at all time.
2. Learn a new thing from M.Excel / Power point every week

3. A chapter each of physio, nutrition & food science every week.

OMG. this is tougher than physical training!

1. 5 books in 2 months.

2. Weekly report of what i get from MExcel & PP.
3. Fortnight report of textbook readings.

Simple objectives. to have savings and to be debtless!

2. No buying of books and magazines. FINISH YOUR 50 BOOKS LA! AND VISIT & for your fashion doses!
3. Starbucks is banned. no more macchiatos. its home made Illy for now. its healthier too la...brown sugar + low fat milk yoh!

4. Less of eating out
5. NO MORE MAKE-UPS please. maybe like, once in 6 months or smthg.okay?

6. Finish all toiletries that i have to the last bit.
7. Use household products more effectively - this saves planet earth too la.

8. buy what you need and not what you want! and whatever you 'need' has to be justified with 10 reasons. haha. i can easily pull that off...but seriously pls be more responsible miss agan!
9. monthly alloc for ASB.
10. be innovative & creative - make use of what i have in hand first before rushing to buy.

11. Try to borrow if an item is needed for a one off thing.

12. try to sell! hehe.

there are more strategies i know. will work on these few first.


Debtless. With savings by...June?

A deeper, closer & more intimate relationship with my Maker, Father Saviour & Friend.

1. One year Bible reading plan

2. Active in cell group


1. Weekly fav verse or sharing in this blog

2. i will be in a cell group by end of FEB!

There. I'm accountable!
on a random note, see my hair nice colour!!!

Happy new years!
Jesus loves you, He truly does!


ray said...

:) i dno think those kpi berkesan lo but i noe u ll do all this la, haha. ah bor??? rite. u forgot to set 1 more target, less ah bor to me, :) jesus love u.

adris-leaSJ said...

cell group mana tu?

Franch said...

Gambatte Aileen!!! Lets make it happen! God bless!