Monday, September 14, 2009

Sigma Brushes

Received this today!

They are large! Total of 5 brushes from their Face Kit
a free eyeshadow brush (ss217)

Numbered exactly like MACs.

I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aileen and you got a set of sigma brushes! So nice! I've wanted to get that but too expensive at that moment so had to pass :(
How much did you paid for everything?
And how's the quality? Worth every penny?

aileenagan said...

Hi Grace!
Thanks for dropping by hehe.
Lots to tell to a make up freak like you!

yes they are extremely good brushes. i had no regrets getting them. no shedding nothing. but the foundation brush was prickly a bit, but its ok la. i was contemplating between this and the travel set (naughty in black!!!) but its cheaper to get this. so decided to go head with this first. now the travel set is SO TEMPTING. but i have enough brushes to paint the whole family! enough enough...

i'll try write about it sometime soon. wanna show off other stuff i bought also hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Sharing is caring mahh.. :)
Mind if I ask how much you paid for everything including postage? You join spree is it?

Im thinking about getting one set but then the only brush i want is the blending brush. But then i want to get one set because of the quality. So indecisive!! I have one duo fiber brush bought when i was in perth, but a bit prickly on the face.

aileenagan said...

Hi Grace,
Sorry a little late replying.
The whole set is at $39, shipping was $7.60 so total $46.60. shipped all the way to KL. no didnt join spree...

initially, i wanted to ship to US itself cause i was going to be there anyway but because its a msian credit card, hav to ship it to a msian address. not that far difference for the shipping price actually; between msia and US. and this face brush set has a cheaper shipping cost compared to travel set. haha anytime u happen to be in KL u most welcome to see & feel those brushes if u havent just give me a shout ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bah. You use credit card mana tidak. Me setakat debit card only. Wait lah till i get one. Hehe okay will give u a buzz when im there reason being, wanna see your brushes. :p