Monday, August 10, 2009

Ah...running again...

yupe! well not exactly...but at least i'm working out! i love jogging (yes i do okay) but as usual, i'm lazy to purposely drive out to run or run at a park or something on the way back from work. i want something from the comfort of my own home (= really lazy) UNLESS its a track! That i will try my best to defo run. yes i love track jogging cause then the kiasu-ness (if there is, i choose to think i'm really humble in a lot of ways) will know how much i've ran (i USED to do 4km ya, 10 rounds!) sigh. past glory.

anyways, thanks to this equipment, i can run at home! its cool cause there's a timer and an estimate of distance that you well, run. but actually, its also a little like cycling. cycling-run. ahh cross trainer!
achievements so far?
yesterday, 3.2 km in 20 min!
today? 3.4km in 20 min!
not bad kan? extraa 200metres.


What say you? achieve-able??? haha. hmm. i think my butt is really, tonggeng. but biel's butt is super more tonggeng than mine! i feel so much better, but if possible, i want mine to be less tonggeng. haha.but honestly, the motivation is to sweat out and stay healthy. i've been inactive for the longest time, accumulating excessive fats here and there...its time to start running and eating well. especially now that my job requires me to sit down A LOT, you would know where all those extras go to!

say hello exercise freak!
(hopefully, not warm warm chicken shit) :-p

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